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Virtual Training Programs for

Construction Unions


Provide Training, Engagement and Value for Your Members

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About Virtual Training Programs

Virtual Learning for Construction Unions can provide a ready source of leadership, communications, performance, accountability, safety, and development training programs. These provide a range of technology-enhanced educational tools for foremen, journeymen, and apprentices. It enables learners to develop key skills at their own pace. This can be provided in your apprentice programs with little oversight.

As another option, you can add inspiring, educational, and positive content to your virtual union meetings. With a quick add-on to your meetings, these programs help your members improve both on the job site and at home with the family.

The application of this blended and virtual training is

  • Interactive
  • Impactful
  • Memorable
  • Effective as classroom courses

Choose one training program or do a quarterly program – and save time and cost!

Key Benefits

Effective on-demand training programs that require minimal prep time.

Get insightful reports for data-driven leadership development.

Focus on results-based content that is actionable now.

Cultivate a culture of learner-driven leadership.

Available Training Format

Construction Workers
  • Real-time user interactive engagement
  • Offers live support and Q&A sessions
  • Save costs and time, no travel required
  • Delivers pre-recorded video lessons straight to a user’s electronic device.
  • Short burst 3-4 min leadership lessons that create operational, safety, and performance results.
  • Proven increased learning, retention, and engagement from students.
  • Convert your classroom content for online delivery.
  • Upload training content to your Learning Management System.
  • Use a mix of media with E-Learning: visual storytelling, scenarios, and interactions.

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