Our Mission

Breslin Strategies is devoted to a connection of powerful principles: Changing Leaders. Changing Lives.  Our commitment and dedication are to cultivate authentic and self-aware leaders who can drive growth, promote a positive culture, and build a legacy for their companies and our industry.

Impacting the Industry

Keynote Influence 

Delivered over 2,000 keynotes, reaching 400,000 leaders and reshaping perspectives on leadership and organizational culture. Rated the #1 business and inspirational speaker for the construction industry.

Strategic Advisory Impact

Acted as a trusted advisor to over 100 top CEOs and Learning and Development Officers in the construction industry.

Leadership Tool

Distributed over 250,000 books, becoming a cornerstone of culture change & field leadership development across the industry.

Comprehensive Field Leadership Impact

Developed the industry’s only Field Leadership Training Platform. This training and development tool has empowered over 20,000 foremen, superintendents, supervisors, and emerging leaders with the skills to excel and innovate.

Leadership Retreats

Developed “The Leader Circle,” a highly regarded, notably challenging, and life-changing event for construction leaders from the US and Canada.

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