Rave Reviews

Hear what clients have to say about Mark Breslin!

Mark’s talk was terrific and absolutely one of the highlights of our meeting. His message was so timely and on point for our group. We were thrilled to have him. I’m sure a lot of PLCA members will be in touch for their own company events!

Beth Worrell

Managing Director and Chief Legal Counsel, Pipe Line Contractors Association

Mark brings an understanding of business and an energy that reaches our people top to bottom. He has an incredibly compelling no-nonsense method of delivering his message.

Brian Johnson

Executive Vice-President, Michels Corporation

Mark came to our offices and delivered 2 hours of straight talk, passion, and uplifting information to some of the most important people in our company. Clear concise irrefutable information delivered with passion and conviction was the shot in the arm they needed.

Dave Heslop

Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer, Preston Pipelines

“Mark is By Far the most prolific speaker I have EVER HEARD!!!! And I’ve heard a few. 2 Home Runs and 4 Grand Slams!!! I must say I am in Lots of Operations mtgs., and since Mark spoke he has been mentioned in 1 form or another by everyone!”

Rich Cullen

Vice President Field Operations JP Cullen

“I received much positive feedback about Mark’s message. It was on target and very appropriate for our group.”

Rachel Sirca

Director, Member Services and Education, Ohio Contractors Association

“Please know that you are vital to the success of CURT. You are truly appreciated, thanks again.”

Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer, Director of Conferences, CURT

“All I can say for myself & all of the attendees of our conference is… NAILED IT!!! As expected, Mark exceeded expectations and did just a fantastic job. I did have many people fill out the exit survey & it was overwhelmingly positive on those! We will definitely reach out for future events like this, when we are looking for a speaker with…Enthusiasm, Honesty & Motivation.”

Ryan Ponthan

Business Representative, NCSRCC

“Mark did a great job in his talk last week. His approach was spot on, and I know he ‘spoke’ to our people. They came away with a better understanding of how important their leadership is to our company, and were inspired to step up. Countless people came up to me over the next two days to express how great they thought he was. As I told Mark at the end of his speech, he hit it out of the park.”

Mike Lee

President, Human Resources Executives-Lakeside Industries

“The event was amazing! Mark had the crowd so engaged; everyone really got so much out of the program.”

Sarah Logar

Marketing Specialist, Mid-City Electric

“The feedback was very positive from the team.”

Mark W. Voorhis, PE

Project Manager, Bechtel

Mark delivered a very powerful message…We are very pleased!

Glenn Rex

Administrative V.P., Mechanical Contractors Association of Houston

Everyone here is walking on cloud nine after the Summit. Thanks for delivering a superb presentation.

Troy L. Carlson

President & CEO, Initiatives, Inc.

Mark’s presentation at our conference in San Francisco earlier this month was off the charts — it was the most engaged I’ve ever seen our crowd!

David Accord

Manager of Communications, The Association of Union Constructors

“Mark was a smash hit at our conference… people are still raving about him! I’m sure we will be inviting him back for future events.”

Robin Cowper

Director of Education and Member Services, MCA of Western Washington

I am still absorbing my time working with Mark… I will describe it as a mental/emotional boot camp. Thank you for your time and this opportunity.

Frank E. Nunes

Executive Director, Wall and Ceiling Alliance

Mark has unique qualifications to make sense of complicated business challenges and provide positive and practical solutions.

Jim Watson

President, Raymond Group

If you’re considering outside sources for training, I would highly recommend Mark Breslin. He is worth every cent, and you will not be disappointed.

Cheryl Sprague

Executive Vice President, SMACNA Sacramento Valley

Mark offered very helpful advice on the challenges we face on Coaching & Mentorship, Communication Improvement, Effective Motivation and Accountability that was relevant to all of our supervisors.

Tony Klutz

Safety Manager, AVISTA

Your message at our Fall conference resonated loud and clear with our energy, refinery and manufacturing owners. We can see now we have control of our future success.

Ray Westley

Executive Director, Council of Owners and Construction Association

Mark’s presentation was excellent. He really connected with the group, just as we had hoped. This presentation set a Northwestern baseline for leaders in the business.

Heather Burns

Human Resources Supervisor, Northwestern Energy

Mark immediately made a connection with our people, and his talk resonated within our group. People were texting during the meeting about how “spot on” his points were.

John Igel

President, George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

“Until Mark’s seminar, I actually had zero leadership… the light finally came on, previous problems that I was having at work were the result of my failure to professionalize…he has made a huge difference for me.”

Les McWilliams

Manager, Ghilotti Construction

I thought the message was right on, and served as a wakeup call to the company. I appreciated the direct, no B.S. approach. We’ve had several speakers in the past, and all were good, but Mark’s resonated much more.

Tom Gallagher

General Manager, Performance Contracting Group

Your presentation was marvelous, and certainly loved up to all we have heard. The message that you delivered was certainly significant and pertinent. The aging workforce and the impact of ‘Generation Y’ will have a significant impact on Wisconsin… If only we could clone you to help us with this message.

Karen Morgan

Director, Wisconsin State Bureau of Apprenticeship

We are beyond grateful for you making today happen. We just closed up for the day and we are still riding the momentum that you created. Your commitment to our group today on so many levels is extraordinary… THANK YOU!

Tim Speno

President & CEO, National Training Institute Faculty & Emerging Leader Group

It was a great day, and an outstanding presentation. Our people found it to be motivating and useful. The key will be maintaining the interest and excitement to create positive, lasting change. Thanks again for a great message delivered in a positive manner.

Jim Jarvis

Executive Vice President, JF Ahern

After Mark spoke to our group, I was flooded with positive feedback. Specifically, from the Generation X guys. They enjoyed listening to Marks words of wisdom and advice. He had our entire group pumped up!

Jennifer Lee

Production Manager, Cupertino Electric

Selecting our keynote speaker this year was left to me and I must say that Mark’s presentation made me look really good. Without any solicitation people provided outstanding feedback on Mark. Best money and time we ever spent. We will be seeing Mark again.

Joe Wickenhauser

Safely Coordinator, Olin Brass

Mark was the hit of the conference! Every person that I have spoken with said he was right on point, thought provoking and compelling. They said he ‘took no prisoners’ and was “down to earth. His intelligent and forceful message was inspiring and challenging.

John McGrath

President, INSTALL

We were extremely pleased with how well Mark was able to tie the overall message our company was trying present into his speech. We had numerous employees tell us after the meeting that this was our best start-up meeting ever and that Mark’s presentation was a great way to get everyone ready to kick off the construction season.”

Dan L. Dassow, P.E.

Director of Construction Management, Zenith Tech, Inc.

I just cannot put into words how effective, professional and correct his presentations were delivered. The comments were very positive and I really think people left thinking, I have to make some changes myself. Mark handled himself with extraordinary professionalism. We hope to invite him back.

Dave Wellington

Training Director, Toledo Electrical JATC

Mark impressed our attendees with a high-energy, well-researched presentation that had them referring back to his keynote throughout the conference. It was clear that he took the time to craft something especially for our audience, kick-starting the event in exactly the way I asked.

Sarah Watts-Rynard

Executive Director, CAF, Canada

I thought the presentation was very motivating, and in my opinion, it was important for all segments of our company to hear the same information at the same time. I think it helped put some issues into perspective, especially for our company, that is on the cusp of growing into new service lines, as well as our need for employees to embrace their roles.

Devon Grennan

CEO/President, Global Diving and Salvage

Mark is a master at captivating and keeping his audience involved. Mark’s blend of humor along with his brutally raw truthfulness keeps you completely engaged. After Mark’s presentation our field leaders left with more self-esteem and confidence than I ever expected.

Pete Korellis

President, Korellis Corporation

Thank you for your presentation at our Annual Supervisors Meeting. The feedback that we have received has been unbelievable! Everyone was energized and focused. You spoke their language and most of all showed them your passion for positive change in the workplace.

Don Laffoon

President/CEO, Electrical Corporation of America, Inc.

Mark’s no-nonsense and pragmatic approach to enabled our supervisors to take their leadership skills to the next level. Leadership culture change and the subsequent transition from the Baby Boomers to the next generation leaders is critical; his strategies empower all leaders to make the change successful.

Dustin M. Gilbertson

Performance Manager, Flint Hills Resources

“Mark hosted his 5 Minute Foreman Workshop for 100 of our Foreman and General Foreman and his style and personality drove home the message of how important the Field Leadership is to making a project successful. Even with this tough audience, the feedback was that Mark’s inspiring message would make a difference in how they would approach their role in the future.”

Robert C. Tremor, P.E.

Business Manager, Carroll County Constructors, LLC

Your presentation was on point and with a strong message. You pulled no punches in emphasizing the importance of knowing who the competition is, to focus on their weaknesses, and to use our strengths for success when we are marketing ourselves. You ‘topped” it off with your brilliant delivery and a solid message on taking action on building our 21st century legacy.

Darrell LaBoucan

General VP Executive Director, Canadian Affairs

Once again, I leave your seminar feeling inadequate but with a renewed focus. Excellent presentation… The economists seconded all of your data as you drove home the need for a paradigm shift. We do need to change the fundamental way we do everything if we are going to meet the needs of our future work force and client bases. Brilliant.

Greg Wolf

FCA, Madison