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MARK BRESLIN is identified as the number one speaker on change management, workforce development and next generation leadership training.

As a strategist, speaker and author Mark Breslin has addressed more than 300,000 business leaders, supervisors, and engaged employees. Mark Breslin will help you lead your company, supervisors and employees toward positive change. Take the first step together.

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Do you feel like your workforce is changing right now?
Like you don’t have qualified leadership and don’t know what to do about it?
Are you looking for someone to come in and give you cutting edge ideas on how to be more competitive?

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The Five Minute Foreman

Based on the book, The Five Minute Foreman; Mastering the People Side of Construction, this leadership training program provides concrete lessons for field leader improvement. Designed in a manner to make an immediate impact on field operations, the training program covers lesson plans that tell foremen exactly what to do and say to get better results from their crews, and on their projects. It also is about getting foreman to understand, and accept, the role of manager and professional in representing their company and industry.

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