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Values Make the Leader.  Trust Makes the Team.

2024 DATES:

♦    April 16-19    ♦   September 10-13    ♦    October 15-18

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The Retreat on Charleston Peak
2755 Kyle Canyon Road, Mt. Charleston Nevada 89124


The Leader Circle offers a career and life changing opportunity for construction leaders engaged in high level development. This program provides a highly personalized learning experience in an environment where leaders can identify and confront their leadership challenges, needs and aspirations.


  • Superintendents/Supervisors/Forepeople/Emerging Leaders
  • Regional Managers/Equipment Managers/Operations Managers
  • Project Engineers/Project Managers/Assistant Project Manager
  • Anyone motivated to take a successful path in personal growth in leadership

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Identify and evaluate leadership shortcomings and competencies and build winning action plans to overcome real and perceived limitations.

Discover how personal leadership style impacts those around them at work and at home.

Develop strategies for using personal values to build strong, high-trust relationships within crews and teams.

Develop greater self-awareness to become a more effective and
authentic leaders.


  • Greater leadership self-awareness
  • Increased team productivity
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased retention/buy-in
  • Less chronic stress
  • Stronger individual and team performance
  • Happier with their lives at work
  • Deeper sense of gratitude



Entering the Leading Circle

The program begins with a welcome reception, and a facilitated meet and greet. This will include meeting your small team who will accompany you on this journey of growth. You’ll start to get to know your circle and your instructors as we review The Leader Circle curriculum and our unique approach to field leadership development.

The serious business of leadership transformation begins at sunset with participants working on their vision of the highest level of growth possibility for their career and life. It is time to begin the hard work of self-leadership.

Values Make a Leader:  A Contract with Yourself 

Beginning at sunrise, you’ll open your second day with a guided exercise to help you create a binding agreement with yourself. This eye opening and a one-of-a-kind exercise will set a foundation for leadership development and personal growth. Participants have described this as “life changing” and “breakthrough thinking”. Evolve on a personal level, drive change on a team level, and discover new leadership directions based on your set of values. Begin to see what matters most on and off the jobsite. We’ll end the day together and circle up for an evening of honest conversation on values, work and life. Includes team and small group coaching.

Trust Makes the Team:  Your Legacy

You’ll wake up on day three with a clearer direction on your leadership development and personal growth. Now that you have a contract with yourself, we’ll explore how your core values guide your actions and influence others. You will be briefed on the results of your (pre-program work) assessment giving you a platform to earn and build stronger bonds of trust at work and home. You will examine in an honest fashion prospective barriers and blind spots that stand in your way. These lessons then will set the stage for experiential exercises on team building and creating a career legacy as a field leader.

Your New Path Ahead + Action Plan

As you get ready to say goodbye to The Leader Circle and your coaches, you’ll take with you your contract with yourself, knowledge, and skills you learned from the circle, and an Action Plan. Part of this will be the commitments that you make to The Circle, your team and often your family – each participant takes something different. Your success in this program is grounded in the team’s success, and you will carry the team success to better lead your team, organization, jobsite and personal life.


Each day consists of high-level instruction, self-reflection and journaling exercises, leadership curriculum, small group work, experiential learning, outdoor team exploration and connection to self and others.

Single Occupancy standard room accommodations for each participant

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at the retreat as part of your registration.

Program and course materials will be provided to each participant.

Airport pick-up and drop-off will be available during limited time windows.

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Mark Breslin

Mark Breslin is an author, speaker, CEO, at the highest levels of the construction industry in North America. He has spent decades advising construction CEOs and senior leaders in both the U.S. and Canada. As a top-rated public speaker and trainer, he has spoken live to more than 400,000 construction leaders and workers. This includes providing leadership training to more than 15,000 field leaders including Foremen, General Foremen, and Superintendents. His five bestselling books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have improved leadership, accountability, profitability, innovation, and engagement for organizations and individuals. Mark is from a fourth-generation construction industry family and began his career in the field.


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