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                                                                                                                   THE ELEVATED LEADERSHIP E-LEARNING PROGRAM


The Elevated Leadership program is a training, coaching and experiential learning experience for “emerging leaders” in the construction industry.  The content is designed to upgrade, upskill, and inspire field leaders of all kinds.  From those who are just beginning their journey to experienced Project Managers, Superintendents, and Forepersons, the interactive video-based curriculum covers key elements of personal and professional leadership.  The program, covered in four learning modules via any mobile device is a great way to change mindsets from “blue collar in charge” to professional and respected leader.
WHO IS IT FOR:  Foremen/Forewomen, Project Managers, Superintendents, and Upcoming Leaders


  • Video based interactive and dynamic E-Learning modules.
  • Most scalable, easy, and cost-effective way to train construction leaders
  • Self-paced learning with reinforcing lessons, guides, and real-life advice
  • Unlimited access to on-demand content
  • Accelerate development of both new and existing field leaders
  • Reinforce organizational values and priorities
  • Accelerate leadership development of up-and-coming/next generation leaders for competitive advantage.
  • Boosts employee engagement.
  • Increase ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline.
  • Build an inclusive leadership culture and create an environment where all talent can thrive and grow.
  • Increase success in shaping and influencing organization’s culture and strategy.

Everyone is a Leader: The Leadership Identity, Self-Improvement, and Seizing Opportunity 

Leadership is neither situational nor positional, but is a combination of values, skills, and willingness to accept responsibility and invest in others. “Leading from anywhere” is a mindset that can be adopted by those who wish to make a positive and powerful difference for themselves and others.


  • Leadership Identity
  • The Power of Knowing Yourself as a Leader
  • Essential Responsibilities of a Field Leader
  • Growth Mindset
  • Turn Challenges into Opportunities
  • Field Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Knowledge Review

Personal Leadership: Values as the Foundation

Great leaders are guided by values at work and at home. These values impact decision making that directs potential for themselves and provides a beacon for others to emulate and follow. Each section will help the participant understand that skills do not make a leader, but rather the values that form the foundation of a leader’s attitude and outlook. Focusing on “What Matters Most” will help every participant develop a leadership foundation for themselves and the organization overall.


  • Introduction
  • A Field Leader’s Values
  • A Field Leader’s Vision
  • A Field Leader’s Attitude
  • The Importance of Integrity and Leading with Empathy
  • A Field Leader’s Inspiration
  • Foundations of Effective Leadership
  • Knowledge Review

Embracing Leadership: Strategies for Managing, Coaching, and Influencing Teams and Individuals

A “How To Field Guide for Field Leaders”, the following sections contain strategies and tactics for leaders in the construction industry to effectively manage, coach, motivate, develop, and mentor teams and individuals. For field leaders, these skills are the core elements of the program and will provide leadership skills and techniques that set participants up for success in the workplace, on the jobsite and at home.


  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of a Good Field Leader
  • Leading by Example
  • Why Gratitude is Important in Field Leadership?
  • Why Goal Setting is Important for Field Leaders?
  • Managing Your Time as a Field Leader
  • Essential Field Leadership Skills Training
  • The Dynamics of Individual/Team Coaching
  • Why Mentoring is Essential to Good Field Leadership
  • Knowledge Review

 Leadership Communication and Organizational Alignment

Leading with solid values “up front” is key to building influence, but today’s leaders must also reflect on how the values and mission of their organization or employer factor into their vision and outlook. Leaders who communicate effectively and align teams with organizational values are key to the retention of key talent, fostering a workplace that is free from unnecessary negativity, and jobsites that support learning and individual growth.


  • Why Communication is important for Field Leaders
  • Leading through Questions and Inquiry
  • A Field Leader’s Role in Promoting Accountability
  • Why Decisive Action Matters in Field Leadership
  • Building Equitable and Inclusive Jobsites
  • Managing Mental Health in the Field
  • Knowledge Review


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Mark Breslin


Mark Breslin is an author, speaker, CEO, at the highest levels of the construction industry in North America. He has spent decades advising construction CEOs and senior leaders in both the U.S. and Canada. As a top-rated public speaker and trainer, he has spoken live to more than 400,000 construction leaders and workers. This includes providing leadership training to more than 15,000 field leaders including Foremen, General Foremen, and Superintendents. His five bestselling books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have improved leadership, accountability, profitability, innovation, and engagement for organizations and individuals. Mark is from a fourth-generation construction industry family and began his career in the field.


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