The Five Minute Leader: Mastering the People Side of Construction

The Five Minute Leader: Mastering the People Side of Construction

The Five Minute Leader: Mastering the People Side of Construction 1024 1024 Breslin Strategies

Based on the book The Five Minute Foreman: Mastering the People Side of Construction, this leadership training program provides tangible lessons for field leader improvement. Designed to make an immediate impact on field operations, the training program covers lesson plans that tell field leaders exactly what to do and say to get better results from their crews and on their projects. It also is about getting field leaders to understand and accept the role of managers and professionals in representing their company and industry.

This program is applicable, specific, and powerful in its immediate relevance for a foreman to adopt new methods and behaviors. In a highly competitive market, the best practices get the best results. This program is for lead men, foremen, superintendents, and other field leaders or managers and includes a take-home Action Plan for each participant.


  • Effective Communication for Loyalty and Results
  • How to Motivate with Positive Reinforcement
  • Improving Safety Practices and Employee Mindset
  • How to Improve Quality and Reduce Rework
  • Goal Setting for Higher Production
  • Promoting Positive Change
  • How to Maximize Teamwork and Accountability
  • And much more!

For Contractors, Associations, Conferences

Format: 90-minute presentation to 4-hour workshop

Common words used to describe the Five Minute Leader workshop by our attendees were: Empowering, Uplifting, Encouraging, and Life Changing!

Testimonials from Five Minute Leader participants: 

“It really was amazing. I have never been to one of our seminars/trainings where a group was so engaged with the speaker. He truly commands a room.  They were never bored. They ALL came away with something. I’m hearing feed back about the guys talking about it on the job sites. That is the true sign of a successful training/seminar! Someone that truly gets them thinking, and talking! I am so impressed, and happy that we did had Mark come in.” – SA Comunale Co., Inc.

“Thank you for the opportunity to hear Mark speak. What a life changing day. It will help so much in how I run my life and career, so again thank you for the opportunity. I have a whole new outlook on what my job is and how I can improve and grow as a leader at home and at work.”  –Jacob Kluge, Field Leader, JP Cullen

“One of the most powerful and knowledgeable speakers I have ever seen. After three days of hearing ideas and information. I was on the edge of my seat, thinking about the next ideas that would be shared. It was the quickest hour and a half, and I know that I will be able to walk away as a better leader and father. Thank you so much for your time.” – Attendee of The Five Minute Leader