Alpha Dog: Leading, Managing & Motivating in the Construction Industry


Construction leaders in North America manage billions of dollars and millions of craft workers each year. In tens of thousands of construction companies the competence, judgment and capacity of leaders determines the bottom line. Construction leadership is about responsibility. For people. For materials. For risk. For money. For client satisfaction. It is a challenge. It is a privilege. It is a profession. These construction leaders are the Alpha Dogs.

Being an Alpha Dog is a remarkable opportunity. It is the profound reward of personal and professional growth. It is offered to all; from the young apprentice to the foreman to the project manager to the CEO. It waits for any who possess the ambition and determination. It rewards any with the grit and desire. It is the destiny for many, though they don’t even know it yet.

Alpha Dogs run hard. Alpha Dogs thrive on achievement. Alpha Dogs get the recognition and rewards. You don’t pet an Alpha Dog, you give them a job to do.

That job starts now.

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