Survival of the Fittest – Audio CD


Rank & File Members spend hours on the road every day. How about using some of it to upgrade attitudes and behaviors? This is a 2-CD set, read by the author.

Survival of the Fittest is available as a 2-CD set (3.5 hours read by the author) to be used by rank and file workers on drive and commute time. Also some workers are better audio learners than readers so the CD set is a better option. Broken into 18 separate tracks, it is an excellent and functional tool for contractors, training centers, local unions and labor management groups to distribute to rank and file foremen, journeymen and apprentices.

Track List

Track 1: Introduction: Survival of the Fittest
Track 2: Chapter 1 – The Truth Hurts
Track 3: Chapter 2 – Survival of the Fittest and WIIFY (What’s In It For You?)
Track 4: Chapter 3 – Elite Warriors and Winners
Track 5: Chapter 4 – Tradition and Reputation
Track 6: Chapter 5 – The “Union Yes” Promise: Quality, Excellence, and Value
Track 7: Chapter 6 – Personal Responsibility
Track 8: Chapter 7 – Work Ethic, Commitment, and Attitude
Track 9: Chapter 8 – Tolerance, Diversity and Attitude Adjustments
Track 10: Chapter 9 – Who Let the Dogs Out?
Track 11: Chapter 10 – For Apprentices Only
Track 12: Chapter 11 – Security, Stability, and the Money Game
Track 13: Chapter 12 – For Foremen Only
Track 14: Chapter 13 – Getting Involved On and Off the Job
Track 15: Chapter 14 – Old Enemies, New Partners
Track 16: Chapter 15 – Life Success: You Are Worth it
Track 17: Chapter 16 – Final Exam: Your Choices
Track 18: About the Author

(18 Total Tracks)