Field Leadership Training Platform Pricing


Field Leadership Training Platform Pricing

$16 per user /month

  • 1-49 Users
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                Billed yearly, $192

$14 per user /month

  • 50-99 Users
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                Billed yearly, $168

$11 per user /month

  • 100-199 Users
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                Billed yearly, $132

  • Over 200 Users
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                Billed yearly

FEATURES:   •  26 On-Demand Training Videos  •  4 Live Webinars  •  18 Crew Talk Interactive Videos 

•  2 Ask the Experts Virtual Event  •  1 Peer-to-Peer Learning Virtual Event  •  Access to the New Field Leader Training Program

Over 20,000 construction leaders and 100 companies chose PCL to remain ahead of the competition now and in the future.


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For inquiries about Field Leader Development Platform pricing, implementation, or resources, please give us a call. Additionally, we’re ready to assist if you’re looking for further support, such as in-person speaking engagements, training sessions, company meetings, keynotes, books, or more training content.

Jackie Dixon

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