The Professional Construction Leader Video Series

Quantity Price
1 to 49 users $168.00 per user
50 to 99 users $132.00 per user
100 to 199 users $96.00 per user

What you will receive:

  • 26 Leadership Videos
  • 11 Crew Talks
  • 4 Live Virtual Events
  • 25% off book orders
  • Automatic distribution by email or use your LMS
  • Analytics on-demand
  • Titles with descriptions
  • Individual questions/group discussion questions for each Video

Samples to watch:
Learning From Failure – The People
Taking the Time to Teach


Elevate your field leadership skills and build a winning team with the PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION LEADER subscription. Our 26 short, engaging videos are designed for forepersons, general forepersons, superintendents, and upcoming leaders and provide comprehensive training on essential field leadership skills. With our annual subscription, your team will have access to an ongoing source of training and development, with automatic distribution by email, analytics, titles and descriptions, and discussion questions to facilitate learning and retention. Whether your team needs a crash course or a brief refresher, our field leadership training is an effective and efficient way to improve performance and achieve success in the construction industry.

Ready to purchase? Here’s what will happen  – after you purchase we will shoot you an email congratulating you and then will ask for names and email addresses of the lucky field leaders you will be training. We will set up a call with you to discuss how to introduce the PCL program best practices and best practices. Then 1 week after you purchase PCL, game on! We start sending PCL video lessons every two weeks to your selected field leaders along with follow-up questions to reinforce their learning. So, what are you waiting for?


Michels Corporation has been working with Mark Breslin for well over a decade.  And each year, Mark steps up his game! This year he brought his best around: Mark’s new Professional Construction Leader video series. Each message resonating with our people at every level in the organization.  Mark’s strong tone, well thought-out, heartfelt messages make it clear he is speaking from his vast knowledge, experience and passion for construction.  Whether in these very succinct, poignant Professional Construction Leader videos (which we wholeheartedly recommend and subscribe to) or Mark’s passion for construction and people on stage, we strongly endorse what Mark brings out every day; strong leadership.

Brian Johnson, Senior Executive Advisor, Michels Corporation

These short videos along with the Five-Minute Foreman book have been a great help to our foreman meetings. The foremen are no longer are “just foreman”, they now look at themselves as a Professional Construction Leader. They never thought of the fact that being a foreman is a profession and that they manage millions of dollars for their companies when building a project, but now they do! I’m looking forward to utilizing more of the videos and books at the meetings. Education and empowerment is the key to success.

Alex Ornelas, Austin Resource Manager, Central South Carpenters

From a management standpoint, we all have great feedback around it and review it together at the following Monday morning meeting. All in all it’s been a great tool for us.

Mike Juhala, VP Strategic Development, JR Merit