Construction Foreman Training

Construction Foreman Training – Online Virtual Training
Engaging & Empowering Your Next Generation of Field Leaders

In the construction & utility industry, a lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of Field Leaders. And many times, they haven’t received the support and training necessary to be professional construction leaders and managers, as well as being highly skilled crafts people.

It is time for us to step up to the plate in this industry to develop, train and mentor our next generation of construction leaders.

Breslin Strategies offers many different Construction Foreman Training programs including virtual training, seminars, and workshops – led by Mark Breslin.

About Mark

Mark Breslin is an author, speaker, CEO and influencer inspiring change for workplace success across all levels of business. Mark has improved leadership, accountability, innovation and engagement for organizations and individuals. He has spoken to more than 400,000 people and published hundreds of thousands of books on leadership and workplace culture.

Our Two Most Popular Foreman Training Programs…

Field Leader Video Coaching

This virtual educational series delivers 26 different leadership lessons to your field leaders over the course of a year, with Mark Breslin as your Video Coach. The cost – less than $9/mo!

  • Video lessons automatically emailed to your field leader every 2 weeks
  • All videos are 2-3 minutes – brief but powerful content
  • Follow up discussion questions included to reinforce lessons
  • Content is short, practical and ready to put into action on jobsite
  • Speaks the jobsite language from someone who stood in their shoes
  • Plus 2 annual webinars to reinforce the message and change behavior

View The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) Video Coaching Brochure

“Mark Breslin’s The Professional Construction Leader Video Series works! It works, because Mark is real. His blatantly honest family history and experience have wrapped him into who he is today. No bias, no bullshit. He speaks with clarity, sincerity, and conviction. The messages are simple, clear and strong. To do this in two minute messages is perfect for our very busy people. Thanks Mark!”

Brian P. Johnson, Senior Executive Advisor, Michels Corporation

Five Minute Foreman

The Five Minute Foreman leadership training program provides concrete lessons for field leader improvement. Designed in a manner to make an immediate impact on field operations, the training program covers lesson plans that tell foremen exactly what to do and say to get better results from their crews, and on their projects. It also is about getting foreman to understand, and accept, the role of manager and professional in representing their company and industry. What do you get out of Five Minute Foreman?

  • Productivity and loyalty from your crews
  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Enjoyment and fun on the job
  • Opportunities for advancement and career growth
  • Respect from your co-workers, contractors, and owners
  • More money and career opportunities

“I cannot say enough about Mark’s Five Minute Foreman workshop. Mark is approachable, relevant and 100% engaging. Like anyone else in the construction industry, we struggle to engage our field leaders for any kind of formal learning experience. Mark had them on the edge of their seat (and taking notes!!!) for over four hours. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and consistent across the board & they loved it and want more of Mark!”
Danielle Paulson, Learning and Development Manager, Mortenson

Microlearning + Construction

The foreman trainings we offer are based around Microlearning – providing learners with digestible, relevant, interactive learning resources they can apply right away.

Benefits of microlearning are clear:

  • Efficiency – short training are easier to fit into an already busy workday and can be applied immediately
  • Retention – retention is higher with digestible, relevant learning focused on one topic
  • Cost Savings – microlearning courses can be produced in 300% percent less time and 50% less cost than traditional courses

These different construction training programs are perfect for:

  • Professional Field Leader Training
  • Construction Foreman Training
  • Construction Supervisor Training
  • Construction Superintendent Training
  • Next Generation Leadership Training

Learn more about Breslin Strategies mission to be a catalyst for change in not only the workplace, but in people. And how Mark’s life long experience in the construction industry has help him change lives of over 20,000 field leaders.