Leading Positive Change and Creating Your Own Legacy

Leading Positive Change and Creating Your Own Legacy

Leading Positive Change and Creating Your Own Legacy 768 450 Breslin Strategies

Change is not a one-time event but a dynamic process that requires a disciplined approach to adaptation and implementation. To successfully navigate change, leaders must have the necessary skills and mindset to inspire and motivate their team, foster a culture of change readiness, and drive successful change management initiatives. This program, “Leading Positive Change and Creating Your Legacy,” provides a comprehensive training program for effective change management.

This program emphasizes the importance of a positive approach to change, which drives innovation, growth, and a culture of continuous improvement. Participants will learn how to lead positive change that enhances performance, fosters innovation, and leaves a lasting impact.

This program will guide you through the process of creating your own legacy, one that will positively impact your team, organization, and industry as a whole. You will learn how to leverage your leadership skills to drive successful change management initiatives and create a culture of change readiness.


  • How to obtain buy-in for necessary change
  • Establish the do’s and don’ts of change strategy
  • Understand how to neutralize those seeking status quo or sabotage or delay change
  • Learn how to create a “change-friendly” culture
  • Obtain more actionable ideas that matter to your bottom line
  • Breed innovation, execution, and follow-through

Audience: Field leaders, Management, Apprentices

Format: 1.5-3 hr. presentation