The Cutting Edge: Finding and Developing Your Next Generation Leaders

The Cutting Edge: Finding and Developing Your Next Generation Leaders

The Cutting Edge: Finding and Developing Your Next Generation Leaders 357 209 Breslin Strategies

In today’s fast-paced world, the construction, utility, and similar industries face unprecedented challenges in finding, developing, and retaining quality candidates for career advancement. This challenge is further amplified by intense competition with other industries across North America. Our program, “The Cutting Edge: Strategies for Finding and Developing the Next Generation of Industry Leaders,” offers insights into the cutting-edge strategies and best practices used inside and outside our industry.

Participants will learn how to adapt the best methods of reaching the new base of Generation X and Y candidates. Additionally, they will gain insights into the importance of workplace culture in positioning their company or union as a “career destination” compared to many other opportunities.

This program will guide you through developing a comprehensive talent management strategy that identifies and develops the next generation of industry leaders. You will gain insights into best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent, building a culture of excellence, and creating a career development path that aligns with your organization’s needs and your employee’s aspirations.


  • Demographic generational curve with projections on attrition
  • Implications of average apprentice at 27 years old instead of 18-21
  • Key elements of workplace motivation and retention
  • Respective roles of end-user, contractor, and union in the process; the current process is disjointed and non-aligned
  • Operational and political obstacles to success
  • Cross-industry analysis of competition for 18-35-year-old profile
  • Strategies being used by Fortune 500 manufacturing, energy, transportation, law enforcement, and similar, military, etc.

The mutual interest of the presentation is centered on contractors, owners, and unions. Also included is the difficulty of balancing supply, demand, attribution, union politics, and demographic trends.

 Audience: Foremen, Coordinators, Project Managers, and Field Operations Staff.

 Format: 1.5-3 hr. presentation