Coach the Coach Workshop: Applying The Five-Minute Leader Lessons

Coach the Coach Workshop: Applying The Five-Minute Leader Lessons

Coach the Coach Workshop: Applying The Five-Minute Leader Lessons 768 450 Breslin Strategies

This interactive follow-up program, lasting for another half a day, allows participants to apply the lessons learned from the Five-Minute Leader workshop. Participants will be divided into small groups and tasked with reviewing the key concepts, identifying challenges in implementing change, sharing resources to overcome obstacles, and discussing the next steps for improving leadership skills. They will focus on their commitments and how to influence others to step up to support company objectives and growth. With peer engagement and a diverse exchange of ideas, this program promises to be a valuable and productive extension of your Five Minute Leader training.

 Key Learnings:

  • Practical Application of Key Concepts: Our program will allow you to apply the key concepts you learned in the Five-Minute Leader workshop in a practical setting. By working in small groups, you’ll review and discuss real-life scenarios to identify areas where you can improve your leadership skills and develop strategies to overcome challenges.


  • Peer Engagement and Diverse Exchange of Ideas: By engaging with a diverse group of peers, you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, receive feedback, and gain new perspectives on becoming a more effective leader. This collaborative approach will provide a supportive environment to learn and grow.


  • Actionable Next Steps: At the end of the program, you’ll leave with a clear action plan and concrete steps to take to become a more effective leader. We’ll discuss how to set measurable goals, how to track your progress, and how to continue to develop and refine your skills over time. By the end of the program, you’ll have the confidence and tools to make a real impact in your workplace.

 For Contractors, Associations, Conferences

 Format: 90-minute presentation to 4-hour workshop