The Labor Debate

The Labor Debate

The Labor Debate 852 577 Breslin Strategies

The Nature of the Labor Shortage

Peggy Smedley from ConstructechTV interviews Mark Breslin on the Labor Debate. Hear what #NoBSBreslin has to say about the nature of the labor shortage and the fundamental issue the industry is facing today.

A few key takeaways from the interview:

“I don’t believe we have a skilled workforce shortage. We have an engaged workforce shortage. That’s the problem. If you give people the skills and they’re not engaged, it doesn’t matter. If people aren’t engaged they are going to cycle through the industry and do something else.”

In order to address the labor shortage we need a change in leadership to:

  • Reposition the construction industry as a viable career destination.
  • Prioritize engagement – the greatest companies are fully aware that engagement is why people go to work.
  • Ask the question, what is my plan to motivate, inspire? It’s not just about giving them skills anymore.

Watch the follow up ConstructechTV interview with Mark, A Call For Leadership.