Mark Breslin

Meet Mark Breslin!

As the #1 keynote speaker in the construction industry, Mark Breslin pairs a proven expertise in change management and leadership training with a transformative vision for organizational culture. His influential message, “Build the People Who Build the Work,” has made him an invaluable advisor for companies seeking to cultivate a positive internal culture. As the 4th generation of his family in construction, he also has the credibility and insights that resonate across the industry.

With decades of CEO experience in a construction association, over 2000 keynotes and training programs, and as the author of multiple books, Mark’s impact on the industry is indisputable. His firm, Breslin Strategies, offers engaging keynotes and training programs, a field leadership development platform, webinars, and retreats, all designed to challenge and change leaders.  Mark’s clear call to action urges the industry to progress from merely constructing projects to fostering the growth of the workforce.

Companies report that having Mark Breslin for your company isn’t just an engagement; it’s a transformative decision that can help redefine your company’s future and leadership landscape.

Top Companies Rely on Breslin Strategies

Mark Breslin Transforms and Empowers Your Construction Leaders

Mark Breslin

When Mark Breslin takes the stage at your organization’s events, whether it’s an executive meeting or an annual safety conference, a significant shift in culture is set in motion. His guiding principles on cultivating leaders, driving growth, and increasing retention fundamentally change the organization’s attitude.

Mark’s practical strategies for retention and leadership development drive immediate results. By cultivating a culture that serves as a competitive edge, Mark elevates your organization to new heights of performance, commitment, and destination for top talent. As your organization puts Mark’s principles into action, the immediate results are clear, setting a new standard for what it means to lead and succeed in the construction industry.

“For Talent Attraction and Retention, Culture is the New Competitive Edge in the Construction Industry.”

                                                                                                           – Mark Breslin