Defining The Lead Edge of Leadership

Defining The Lead Edge of Leadership

Defining The Lead Edge of Leadership 1000 625 Breslin Strategies

If you’ve been following the BSI Newsletters over the course of 2019, you have heard my soapbox on:

  • The skilled labor shortage
  • Why it’s important to mentor and train up-and-coming leaders
  • Your foremen want and need professional training
  • The major benefits of taking time to teach in the high pressure environment of the construction industry
  • And, prioritize your people above everything else

To sum it all up for the year, being on the leading edge can provide significant advantage for business. So what are you doing to define your business’s leading edge, and what are you going to do differently for 2020? Visit the Breslin Blog to read more about these topics.

My advice to the construction industry:

We need a major paradigm shift to be innovative and appealing as an industry into the future; we need to change the mindset of construction from “blue-collar” to “professional.”

My advice to you:

If you want to make money and grow your company – leadership needs to lead and you need to build your people. Invest in training, invest in field leadership, invest in your people. Build your training program & create a culture of learning and mentorship. It will come back to you in the way of productivity and profit tenfold.

Get ready to be on the Lead Edge for 2020
Prioritize Your Field Leadership