The Shawshank Leadership Moment

The Shawshank Leadership Moment

The Shawshank Leadership Moment 564 1024 Breslin Strategies

The Shawshank Leadership Moment

I am honored today to complete the training and coaching for 2,000 of APi Group’s field leaders across North America. We trained today’s group at the historic Ohio State Reformatory event center, site of the epic film “The Shawshank Redemption”.

In 2019 I have spoken to construction industry leaders at West Point Military College, the NFL Raiders Stadium under construction in Las Vegas and now a famous prison seen and known worldwide. Is it ironic that my training subject of ‘Authentic and Life Changing Leadership’ is presented at a prison? For is it not leadership of self and others that provides us with the greatest sense of true freedom and possibilities in our lives?

It continues to be my privilege to be trusted by the most successful construction organizations in North America to create those freedoms and change people’s lives.

Honored By Our Clients’ Trust

As we reflect on 2019 and celebrate 15+ years in business, we want to personally thank our trusted clients. We are humbled to be able to work with their companies to engage and empower the next generation of leaders in the construction & utility industries.

Our mission with Breslin Strategies is to be a catalyst for change in the construction industry – not only the workplace, but in people. We would like to personally thank all our clients, colleagues, and friends who have trusted us enough to act on these principles and who value honesty and action more than comfort or the status quo.

We are grateful they have found value in our books, video coaching, and training series in 2019. We are honored by their trust.


Mark Breslin and
The Breslin Strategies Team