Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed

Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed

Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed 800 534 Breslin Strategies

Have You Set Your Foremen Up To Succeed … or Fail?

On average, foremen receive zero formal professional leadership and management training to prepare them. And the role of a Foreman is a big job, with high-level responsibility, big risks and big dollars at stake. So ask yourself this of your foremen and field leaders…

  1. Do they have the right skills?
  2. Do they have the right resources?
  3. Are there clear goals?
  4. Do people depend on them for motivation and guidance?
  5. Are there roadblocks they don’t have the power or skills to resolve?

Your foremen are doing the best they can with what they’ve got, but they need professional support to become high-quality leaders and managers. They are waiting for you to acknowledge the challenges and help them understand how important and vital they are to their company and the industry.

Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed

Communication and Motivation Training Pack


Five Minute Foreman Book
Alpha Dog Book
Five Minute Foreman Study Guide
Five Minute Foreman Powerpoint
Five Minute Foreman Answer Key
Alpha Dog Discussion Guide

Online Video Coaching Series

This educational series delivers 26 different leadership lessons to your field leaders over the course of a year, with Mark Breslin as your Video Coach. This is an annual education program – with lessons automatically sent to your field leaders every 2 weeks along with follow up discussion questions to reinforce lessons learned. The cost – less than $9/mo!

“The number one thing I took away from Mark was really how important my job is and how many responsibilities as a foreman I have. When people ask, ‘What do you do? ‘, I feel the stereotype of being a dumbass construction worker when I answer. When we went through all the things we are responsible for and what’s on our plate compared to the business world it was an eye opener. I’m a professional construction foreman in a demanding industry and have no issue with the stereotype anymore. The amount of money and people I’m responsible for in a lifetime was a crazy number to think about and that pumped me up!”

Clark Eikland, JP Cullen