Leadership Basics for Your Millennials (And You)

Leadership Basics for Your Millennials (And You)

Leadership Basics for Your Millennials (And You) 1024 683 Breslin Strategies

Millennials are fantastic at communicating with and connecting to technology. But when it comes to interactive leadership in person – not always. These strategies are meant for you to share with your up-and-coming millennial leaders. They are basic leadership tactics and behaviors that are often overlooked by young people.

Leadership is not just about the title, the power, the education or the authority. It is also how you carry yourself and how people see you interact with them and others. So here is a list for you to pass on – or even cover with some of your Millennial Leaders in person and start your construction foreman training.

The first thing to drive home is that good leadership behavior is sometimes pretty subtle. It can be a combination of manners, style, communication, body language, and self-awareness:

  • When entering a room or coming on a jobsite, take the time to greet everyone by name.
  • When someone enters a room, take time to stand and greet him or her.
  • Shake hands upon arrival and departure.
  • Have a firm and straightforward shake. Keep the bro shake at home.
  • Greet people in a friendly manner.
  • Maintain excellent eye contact at all times. For young leaders, that means not looking at your cell phone every two minutes.
  • Make people feel good about themselves when they are around you.
  • Do not look or act distracted around others.
  • Ask lots of questions instead of trying to prove you’re the smartest guy in the room. Asking smart questions is better than trying to make smart comments.
  • Don’t overreact too strongly to anything good or bad.
  • Don’t interrupt, even if you can because you are in charge. Even if it seems you are listening to the stupidest thing you ever heard.
  • Don’t talk too much.
  • Give praise and recognition whenever it is warranted.
  • Be positive and encouraging in manner and style.

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When I am in a meeting, I know who the real engaged leaders are. They are the ones listening and focused on the person talking, not looking down at a five-inch screen. Sometimes we have to remind people that leadership is very visible at all times.