Field Leader Communication and Motivation Training Pack

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This Field Leader Pack contains training materials to help you build or supplement your current curriculum. Each book comes with an easy to implement discussion guide to encourage engagement. Topics covered in each title are applicable to daily field leadership.

Elevate your construction leadership skills to the next level with our Alpha Dog and Five Minute Foreman bundle. “Alpha Dog” provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the challenges and rewards of management in the construction industry, while “The Five Minute Foreman” offers a unique, time-efficient approach to proper management and leadership training tailored explicitly for foremen. Our bundle also includes valuable field training materials, including a Study Guide, Powerpoint, Answer Key, and Discussion Guide to help you apply the knowledge from both books to your daily field leadership, ensuring that you can achieve your full potential and become a true construction leader, whether you’re just starting or have years of experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career and become the ultimate Alpha Dog of the construction industry.


  • Five Minute Foreman Book
  • Alpha Dog Book
  • Five Minute Foreman Study Guide
  • Five Minute Foreman Powerpoint
  • Five Minute Foreman Answer Key
  • Alpha Dog Discussion Guide