Million Dollar Blue Collar: Managing Your Earnings for Work and Life Success


Basic financial management is critical for union construction workers’ life and work success. More than a third now report serious problems with debt. Many struggle to complete apprenticeship programs or drop out as a result. Collateral impacts include substance abuse; family impacts & crisis; poor work performance; reduced work ethic and commitment. Life skills determine work success, and Million Dollar Blue Collar is designed to help workers with a good income manage the ups and downs of seasons, cycles and earnings in a way to improve their lives and performance.

Customer Feedback

I have given 6 classes on Mr. Breslin’s book [“Million Dollar Blue Collar”] so far and have had a great response from it. It’s written in a way that the average construction worker can relate to and will actually read. We get a lot of feedback and responses to the various strategies to save and spend your money, and most of the older students say that they wish this was a book they were given right from high school.

Allen Silver
Union Organizer, Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 100

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