Breslin Strategies

Breslin Strategies
Construction Site
Silence and Suicide on the Jobsite 1024 717 Breslin Strategies

Silence and Suicide on the Jobsite

The construction industry is a vital sector that requires hard work and dedication. However, behind the hustle and bustle of construction lies a hidden struggle that often goes unnoticed –…

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Goodbye Old Friends 600 370 Breslin Strategies

Goodbye Old Friends

Everest Base Camp. The Inca Trail. Patagonia. Zion. Iceland. Half Dome. The Milford Trek. The Dolomites. The Sahara. We’ve had good times, my friends. But, you’re tired and worn. And…

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National Apprenticeship Talent Survey Results Are In 800 450 Breslin Strategies

National Apprenticeship Talent Survey Results Are In

  COMPELLING. INSIGHTFUL. RELEVANT NOW. 2000 Construction Industry leaders received the National Apprenticeship Survey. The results are in. It includes your views and best practices along with the reported challenges…

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Construction Workers
Mentoring:  Our Industry Succession Strategy 1024 577 Breslin Strategies

Mentoring:  Our Industry Succession Strategy

Mentoring:  Our Industry Succession Strategy (Gen X and Millennials, You’re Up!) If I objectively analyze the foundation of my construction career, I find that my leadership success can probably be…

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The Deadly Secrets 1024 1024 Breslin Strategies

The Deadly Secrets

The Deadly Secrets Mental Health & Well-being in Construction For an industry so concerned with safety, it seems either ironic or pathetic that we tell people to wear their safety…

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COVID BACKWARDS 2021 FORWARD 1024 1024 Breslin Strategies


COVID BACKWARDS, 2021 FORWARD   COVID spelled backward is DIVOC. So, how DIVOC is 2021 going to be different?   Well, the answer, among many, is leadership. If there is…

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All The Drama Movies Aren’t On Netflix 935 200 Breslin Strategies

All The Drama Movies Aren’t On Netflix

All The Drama Movies Aren’t On Netflix How many of you when you are flipping through the channels will re-watch a movie you have seen 5 or 10 times? All…

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Adversity Sharpens The Edge 500 245 Breslin Strategies

Adversity Sharpens The Edge

At the time of this writing our country and industry are confronting major adversity. The words “uncharted territory” have been overused but convey the uncertainty of profound change and challenge.…

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Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed 800 534 Breslin Strategies

Give Your Foremen Tools To Succeed

Have You Set Your Foremen Up To Succeed … or Fail? On average, foremen receive zero formal professional leadership and management training to prepare them. And the role of a…

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The Shawshank Leadership Moment 564 1024 Breslin Strategies

The Shawshank Leadership Moment

The Shawshank Leadership Moment I am honored today to complete the training and coaching for 2,000 of APi Group’s field leaders across North America. We trained today’s group at the…

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