2024 Makloc (FMF) 150 150 Breslin Strategies

2024 Makloc (FMF)

“As a Human Resources Specialist, I found Mark to be very engaging and informative. His ability to be relatable to individuals within the construction industry is a valuable asset. I…

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2023 SA Communale Co 150 150 Breslin Strategies

2023 SA Communale Co

“It really was amazing. I have never been to one of our seminars/trainings where a group was so engaged with Mark. He truly commands a room. They were never bored.…

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2024 UBC 150 150 Breslin Strategies

2024 UBC

“The way you put others before yourself, the way you didn’t just talk about yourself, you led differently than what I had experienced before. Your speech changed the trajectory of…

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2024 Anvil Builders 150 150 Breslin Strategies

2024 Anvil Builders

“The buzz this week was so positive and uplifting with regards to his training. Most of the team members had worked a 12 day and to come back to the…

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1 – Philip Rhodes 126 163 Breslin Strategies

1 – Philip Rhodes

I want to thank you for today’s session. I met you as a union apprentice operator in MI about 17 years ago. It was the Survival of the Fittest seminar.…

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1 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I have been in the trade for 25 years and have always thought that my way was the right way because I always got the job done on time and…

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2 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I had a number of individuals reach out to me after the event to express how much the day changed their view on leadership and energized them to take greater…

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4 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I just want to start with how thankful I am that I was able to attend the field leader day. The impact so far has been amazing in my day…

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5 150 150 Breslin Strategies


The one thing that I have been working on is getting away from being a “wagon wheel” manager.  I always thought that the leader was supposed to be the guy…

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