3 – Nick Schulist 219 230 Breslin Strategies

3 – Nick Schulist

I had the opportunity to hear you 10 years ago as a field engineer. Your message was loud and clear then. The seed you planted 10 years ago helped me…

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2 – Leslie Baltes 200 116 Breslin Strategies

2 – Leslie Baltes

Thank you for your amazing presentation at the ypo CIN conference yesterday. I was blown away by what you said. Your energy, passion, wisdom and insight was spot on. I…

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1 – Philip Rhodes 126 163 Breslin Strategies

1 – Philip Rhodes

I want to thank you for today’s session. I met you as a union apprentice operator in MI about 17 years ago. It was the Survival of the Fittest seminar.…

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1 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I have been in the trade for 25 years and have always thought that my way was the right way because I always got the job done on time and…

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2 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I had a number of individuals reach out to me after the event to express how much the day changed their view on leadership and energized them to take greater…

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3 150 150 Breslin Strategies


He was spot on with everything he touched and made a huge impact in how I’m going to live my life at home and at work. Thank you so much…

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4 150 150 Breslin Strategies


I just want to start with how thankful I am that I was able to attend the field leader day. The impact so far has been amazing in my day…

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5 150 150 Breslin Strategies


The one thing that I have been working on is getting away from being a “wagon wheel” manager.  I always thought that the leader was supposed to be the guy…

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