Transformed: Create a Professional Foreman for $22.50

Transformed: Create a Professional Foreman for $22.50

Transformed: Create a Professional Foreman for $22.50 1000 637 Breslin Strategies

Transformed: Create a Professional Foreman

Most field supervisors engaged in the construction, energy, utility, or other traditional blue collar role do not self-identify as professionals.  That is inaccurate.  That is lame.  That is a failure on the part of the employer or union to which they are part of.  Most of all, it’s just sad.

Here is an individual usually working his or her ass off, with some of the highest degree of commitment and risk associated with his or her job performance.  But his self-perception is that he is “just” a blue collar guy. Not a professional, but the lead on the job.  Well I have a solution for you and it is going to cost you the same as a lunch for two at Denny’s.

It is time for every employer to provide a personalized business card to every field supervisor that says, along with their name, Professional Construction Foreman.  100 business cards are around 20 bucks.  With this simple gesture, you will transform this individual’s self-perception; perhaps forever.

It is hard to be a professional unless you call yourself one.  It is hard to be a professional if your employer doesn’t call you one, but with a business card, that says it in black and white.  A professional business card that you show to your spouse and maybe even the kids.  Representing something to be proud of:  your company.

This individual is your representative with owners, subs, OSHA, vendors, inspectors and a lot more.  Get with the program!  Spend the $22.50.   Transform identities to transform performance.  Change someone’s self-vision, and you can change their life.  Or you can spend it at Denny’s.  I hear the Grand Slam is great.

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