Regional Workshop

Regional Workshop

Changing Leaders. Changing Lives.


June 26, 2020 - Postponed

Amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and issues related to travel, the Regional Workshop will be moved to later in the year.
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Five Minute Foreman Interactive Workshop

This leadership training program provides concrete lessons for field leader improvement. Designed to make an immediate impact on field operations, the program helps Foreman, General Foremen, and up and coming leaders to understand and accept the role of leader, manager and professional in representing their company. Key lesson plans and action steps for improved performance include:

  • Effective Communication for Loyalty and Results
  • How to Motivate with Positive Reinforcement
  • Improving Safety Practices and Employee Mindset
  • How to Improve Quality and Reduce Rework
  • Maximizing Teamwork and Accountability

This program is concrete and powerful in its immediate relevance for foreman to adopt new methods and behaviors. In a highly competitive market, the best practices get the best results. This program is for lead men/women, foremen, superintendents and other field leaders or managers.

What is included?

Interactive Training & Coaching with Mark

In-Person Training


Five Minute Foreman Book & Study Guide

Take Home & Follow Up Materials


1 Year of PCL Learning – Video Coaching Series Subscription

26 Video Lessons for Professional Construction Leadership Development

Who Should Attend?

  • If you weren’t able to get on the schedule to have Mark to come speak personally to your company in 2019 (Limited openings 2020)
  • If you’d like to send key players to consider a company event at a later date
  • If you have new employees that missed a Five Minute Foreman event you already held
  • If you have up & comers in your field team that are ready for professional development

The opportunity to become a better communicator, motivator and leader is waiting. Growing field leadership potential unleashes all their talents and abilities. Professional Construction Leader is more than a job title. It should reflect your field leaders at their very best, on and off the jobsite.

Limited Space will be Available to ensure a productive sized workshop for maximum learning and retention…so don’t wait to register. Master The People Side of Construction.



Early Bird Registration

$349 / person

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Regular Registration

$379 / person

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Late Registration

$399 / person

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Contact Jaime at (925) 705-7662, email at or schedule a call.