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“I believe this class didn’t just help me with my career but, with my marriage. Since I went to this class, I have been a lot better to my wife and that’s a HUGE positive. I finally see how grateful I am to be married to such a wonderful person.”

Hunter Gwatney, AFPG, SHAD Technician


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“Thank you for the opportunity to hear Mark speak yesterday. What a life changing day. It will help so much in how I run my life and career, so again thank you for the opportunity. I have a whole new outlook on what my job is and how I can improve and grow as a leader at home and at work.”

 Jacob Kluge, Field Leader, JP Cullen

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“I’m not sure I can express fully how grateful I am for having been able to attend your workshop today. I have adopted those stigmas of being “just a plumber” without realizing it until today. You gave me very applicable tools that reignited the fire I once had for this trade when I was a younger apprentice.”

Jordan Taylor, California Plumbing MCA

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“I can honestly say that the presentation was one of the best I’ve been to and, at least for me, was powerful and life changing. It has made me a better trainer, leader, and husband. Thank you for that.”

John Stassi, Fire Alarm Tech, Davis Ulmer Companies


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