7 Tips for Being a Magnetic Construction Leader

7 Tips for Being a Magnetic Construction Leader

7 Tips for Being a Magnetic Construction Leader 744 400 Breslin Strategies

Being a Magnetic and Positive Leader

You ever get a vibe off someone when you first meet them? Right away, you either like them or you don’t. They have some kind of energy that you are responding to (good or bad) and it’s having an effect. The same thing plays out in the workplace with your crews and your routine as a leader.

Being a Magnetic and Positive leader is vital to success at work. Here’s why:

A magnetic and positive person draws positive people and outcomes to themselves. If you do not work at being positive, you may, without even knowing it, put out negative energy and draw negativity to yourself. Now, before you think I’m dropping some California tofu-eater metaphysical B.S. on you, give me a chance.

Being positive is very important. Being respected is, to my way of thinking, always better than being liked — but what if you can achieve both? What are some of the business benefits?

Positive and magnetic people:

  • Are better persuaders and negotiators
  • Are given the benefit of the doubt about their intentions
  • Generally have more doors open to them
  • Often have a network of people promoting them
  • Attract others
  • Make people smile

Okay, that last one is a “have a nice day” (barf) moment. But it is real. A lot of people think that being positive is simply inherent— people are either born positive or not, so they are sometimes unwilling to work at it. I disagree. Being positive is a choice.

Here’s what to keep in mind if you want to be a positive and magnetic person both in and out of the workplace:

  • Be enthusiastic and show it
  • Be encouraging and say it
  • Be complimentary and mean it
  • Show real interest in other people and their families
  • Be a good and active listener
  • Don’t interrupt others
  • Show respect and make people feel important

And remember, as Dale Carnegie wisely said, “A person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound they can ever hear.…”

Some leaders and managers revel in the idea that being a hard-ass whom people fear or dislike is a good sign. Personally, I think being a positive and encouraging hard-ass is a much better idea.

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