Alpha Leadership

Alpha Leadership

Alpha Leadership 357 210 Breslin Strategies

Based on the book “Alpha Dog: Leading, Managing, and Motivating in the Construction Industry,” our leadership training program provides concrete lessons for construction professionals seeking to improve team and individual performance.

Designed to make an immediate impact on field operations, our program’s curriculum touches on all levels of leadership and provides a strategic look at the “homegrown nature” of leadership development. It includes specific recommendations on how to build a new leadership culture in companies or organizations of any size.

The Alpha Leadership workshop is based on real-world experiences and is life-changing and powerful in its relevance for construction professionals seeking to adopt new leadership methods and behaviors. Our training program’s curriculum includes an actionable plan on how leaders can tackle these challenges head-on and leverage them to achieve higher team and individual performance.


  • Alpha leadership skills and characteristics
  • Examine and challenge your mindset as a leader
  • Improve communication strategy and practices
  • Ways to encourage positive change within your team
  • How to use influence to enhance performance
  • How to better motivate others
  • How to make better, faster, and smarter decisions
  • How to delegate for the best results
  • How to be or find a mentor

 Audience: Project managers, Project Engineers, Foremen, Superintendents, and other Managers.

 Format: 1.5 hr. presentation – 3 hr. workshop