Safety is a Four-Letter Word

Safety is a Four-Letter Word

Safety is a Four-Letter Word 800 450 Breslin Strategies

Safety is no longer just an afterthought in today’s top organizations; it has evolved into a primary value system that underpins their success. Our program, “Safety is a Four-Letter Word,” examines the critical roles of culture, buy-in, and accountability in cultivating a safety culture that drives organizational excellence.

We believe that the four-letter word that embodies this culture is not a rule, nor is it fear. It is CARE. Our program will explore how CARE drives cultural evolution in the workplace, transforming it into a safe, productive, and satisfying environment.

Participants will learn how demographic changes, workplace expectations, and non-monetary incentives impact cultural evolution. They will gain insights into the necessary leadership behaviors, communication styles, and accountability mechanisms that foster a safety culture that drives organizational success.


  • Strategies to reinforce a culture of compliance.
  • Engage and collaborate across lines and out of silos.
  • Encourage constructive and transparent accountability.

WHO CAN VIEW:   Project Managers, Project Engineers, Foremen, Superintendents, and Up and Coming Leaders.


TRAINING FORMAT: In-Person, Live Virtual 60-90 min